Insurance Transcription Services

Insurance transcription is used by the insurance industry as well as self-insured companies. Recorded statements are generally necessary for worker’s compensation and liability claims. Insurance transcription allows these statements to be converted into a usable format. These services are used by:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Self-Insured Companies
  • Private insurance claims adjusters

Recorded statements from claimants, defendants and witnesses to gather the facts. Notes on investigations. Companies use these tools to quickly resolve legitimate claims. Some of the advantages of insurance transcription include:

  • Recorded statements for customer and worker compensation claims
  • Evidence that can be used in the court of law
  • Searchable documents to quickly gather the facts

Transcription Plus understands the need to transcribe these documents strictly verbatim. For example:

  • "I uh- uh- (PAUSE) I was in the um- the- the bread aisle when I slipped on a uh- a grape.”
  • "I was in the bread aisle when I slipped on a grape.”

Our insurance transcription services include all of these filler words and false starts to ensure that your company has an accurate, verbatim transcription.

Transcription Plus has worked with a Fortune 50 company to address its insurance transcription needs. See what we can do for your business today.

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